Garfield 21/03/07


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  1. May 29, 2007 at 3:51 am

    Why is everyone a sellout like that. I went to look up some follow up to an article and it seemed like they didn’t get the point. Also what’s up with the cartoons. Garfield is sarcastic. I don’t like sarcastic. Its not really funny. One time my friend who was a good artist drew Garfield. We were at camp for jr counselor training. When she wasn’t looking I penciled in an extra line around Garfield’s eye to see if she would notice. She noticed but dared not say anything. Seems very annoyed about it. That’s the most fun I’ve had with Garfield. So I wrote my own cartoon strip about a guy that seems to have problems. He’s at a shrinks office and is crying on the couch talking. The shrink is snooring so the guy doesn’t notice. The best time at a shrink’s office was when this 1st grader couldn’t stop talking about Penthouse mag in the waiting room. That must have been interesting. Anyway who’s blog is this? I agree with some things they talk about like Pepsi over the other brand. Its really weird like there is some kind of order to the universe that involves that kind of preference. I think the guy has a great surface area for hickeys. He seems to have small eyes although they’re definitely not beady! They are discerning like he obviously knows alot. Also I am glad his nostrils are fairly large. Have other people noticed that the dimensions of the finger match the nostrils. Some good design features there.

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