Garfield 21/06/07


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  1. June 24, 2007 at 8:24 pm

    how would he know when he popped out. was he looking for a clock tuned tuned into Denver or was he looking for a boob to suck on. i chose the later. i dont know about ye. also dont you think someone as poweful as ye own people would have put in some kind of special surprise for you so maybe you couldnt really ascertain to any degree of accuracy becuase it is arbitrary. also dont you think they might have deliberately put off a few moments on purpose during the dark ages on purpose. i guess youre trying to sa yyou dont like me anymore. i am sorry because i like you. i want you to make up your mind. you sound a little more pissed off than usual and you are refering to the TMNT. would you say that about your own people that you care about. is that what you are really like. i feel gross. i dont like to eat food that other people touch.

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